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Title: *fingers crossed* The login issues seem to be fixed!!!! Hy is saved! :)
Post by: hy on May 03, 2018, 02:27:36 pm
I have been trying to debug this for over a month!   Thank you everyone for being patient!   I know it was an extremely aggravating bug! 

If you would like to know the technical details.    I can not blame the OpenSim developers for this one (completely).     They added a needed feature that I was not aware of, that keeps you from being logged in as a zombie on another region, if you crash, or your previous logout somehow goes awry.      That is a good thing.     My fault in the matter, was that I live dangerously, and had some inadvisable settings, to let people be idle longer, without being logged out.         It worked fine previously, but does not mix well with the newer OpenSim code.    So..  pretty much 99% my bad.    Sorry peeps.  You're walkin on the wild side here.  ;)