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News and Announcements / New Sandbox Regions!
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:36:54 AM »
I made some higher quality sandboxes on the three big servers.    They are named Litterbox, Litterbox 2, and Litterbox 3.     They are running different physics engines for testing mesh uploads and vehicles and such.

Litterbox:     ubODE physics and meshing
Litterbox 2:  ubODE physics / Bulletsim meshing combo
Litterbox 3:  Bulletsim physics and meshing

All three come with a little tower / lounge set up in the corner so you can watch, micromanage and heckle your friends as the build.

Enjoy! :)

News and Announcements / Great news! Mesh is fixed on most of the regions!
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:22:49 AM »
We are still testing, but it looks really good so far!

I have to give credit where credit is due.    Part of the fix is due to new physics code from OSgrid and the OpenSim Dev team.   Excellent work Ubit and the Dev team!  Thank you!    We were also able to successfully merge a friend's code (who sadly, prefers to remain anonymous), that greatly improves avatar loading.    So we now have a very unique and powerful version of OpenSim!  :)

If your region is still experiencing missing mesh objects, please contact me and I will switch your region over to the new code ASAP.  I am just being slightly cautions and haven't switched the whole grid over yet.

News and Announcements / New Firestorm - Mesh not loading!
« on: February 02, 2018, 06:18:05 PM »
Affects Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) rel: Jan 12 2018

Firestorm screwed OpenSim again.    Take a look around.  You will probably see a bunch of naked avatars (well no complaints there), missing trees, buildings.

How to fix:

Hit:  CONTROL-ALT-SHIFT S     to open debug settings.

in the search box start typing...     FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck
Set to false!

That's it.   The missing mesh should appear in a moment.

Please take the time to express your appreciation to the Firestorm Team.  :/

News and Announcements / New forums to discuss Intellectual Property issues
« on: December 28, 2017, 10:00:42 AM »
I have added some new forums "Get Right with Cthulu"   Cthulu is a fictional evil god that is a destroyer of worlds.   He is coming.

In case you are not aware.   LOTS of places are being shut down because of copyright violations, largely targeting the "Athena" mesh avatars that are vastly popular, and are ripped illegally from Secondlife.     I will refrain from telling you "I told you so". 

These closed websites and grids are causing huge problems on our grid, because when OpenSim goes to lookup the creatorID information, OpenSim locks up and causes regions to be overwhelmed and crash.  I strongly suspect that this is happening everywhere, not just here.     I am handling the problem in a very temporary way, but a long term solution is needed.     If the other grids are being shut down for this, we are not far behind.     The people responsible will come after us eventually, so it is best to be prepared.   It is horrifying to me that after all this hard work, we could be shut down some day if we are not careful.

I put up these forums to discuss, and help clarify what content is safe and good, and which may cause us big problems in the future.

You are all my friends, and my family.   I do NOT want to be a meanie, and take away your toys.      I am willing to work VERY HARD to help you keep your stuff, and be safe and happy here.       We will work to find what is good and safe to use.    Research which copyright claims are VALID, and which are not.    AND...  if we do find items that you really like, but are not legal or safe to use.   We will take time to help find, or build from scratch, a suitable or BETTER replacement.       It is a lot of work, and is a pain.    BUT in the long run, we will be a stonger, PROUDER grid that can stand tall on our own, and no one can call us thieves!

So in the coming months.   I am hoping we can work together to make this a strong grid, be around for a long time, and a real asset to the OpenSim community.

Good, legal content / Ruth 2.0 Mesh Avatar!
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:36:37 AM »
The Ruth 2.0 mesh avatar is available in Luv Plaza to try out and help the developers with this very excellent and worthy project.

It is lightweight, beautiful, created for use in OpenSim, and is 100% free and clear to use, share. luv. :)

Good, legal content / Flotsam Village / Port Auroroa
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:24:43 AM »
It is with great joy, that I have learned that much of the various Pirate items you will find around our grid..   IRONICALLY are not pirated. :D    These items have been released under GPL and are safe to use, with a few minor exceptions.       This be good booty!   Arr!

Good, legal content / Epic Citadel
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:18:38 AM »
I have contacted the creator, Cuteulala Artis in OSgrid, and recieved confirmation and a blessing.   This content is released under GPL and is absolutely safe and free to use and share.   

LuvTree is a version of the free / opensource "SnappyTree" that I am working on to make it friendlier for use with OpenSim.

You can make a nice looking mesh tree in a few minutes and upload it to HGluv or other mesh-upload enabled OpenSim world.   They are really easy to customize, and are completely free and clear with commons!      We can replace many of the trees that we have, from questionable sources.     Please use and share your nice work.    Keep OpenSim free and beautiful! :)

Bugs, gripes, ideas, feature requests / Re: Weirdest firestorm issue
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:38:12 PM »
I restarted the grid server too.  It's usually pretty good, but sometimes it needs a kick in the pants.   I don't think I restarted it since last week's HG Safari apocalypse.   :)

Bugs, gripes, ideas, feature requests / Re: Weirdest firestorm issue
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:28:18 PM »
I cleared cache and visited..   and looked at it.  No texture for me either.  I am thinking that particular texture just didn't transfer.     You might have still had it in cache in Alchemy.   That's why you were seeing it there, and not with FS or K.

News and Announcements / THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
« on: December 20, 2017, 04:28:50 PM »
The HG Safari visit was a great success, thanks to our wonderful family here at HGluv Grid!!!!

Thank you so much for all of the help in making this a success!  :)

News and Announcements / NEW STUFF!! :)
« on: November 29, 2017, 08:05:44 AM »
I've been REALLLY busy this week.   Here are some of the new features that have been added, or are 90% done.
  • The FORUM..  (duh!)
  • We now have two Resident groups "LuvBugs" and "HGluv Events" that every resident is a member of.   I am so happy people are already meeting and talking on them!  :)   It is a great way to get to know people, to ask questions, and to speak up if you are having problems...  it is not a pain, it is very helpful.  So please complain loudly! Things will get fixed more quickly :)
  • New "Town Hall" in Luv Plaza - A little lounge for residents to meet, and I am putting scripts there for residents to use, such as event posting tool, a dropbox / web gallery generator, our networked jukebox, lag/CPU meters for your regions, and more coming!
  • I have built a translator directly into the OpenSim source code, so no more scripts or HUD is needed.   It will translate directly to and from chat.  It will handle IM as well.   It is currently being tested on one region, and will be available on the whole grid soon.
  • A password reset tool on is now our website.
  • The new user signup is functioning well, and HGluv is now a grid open to new users.  No referral code necessary.

Coming soon / this week:
  • Offline messages will be available from the website, so you can browse through them like an email box.
  • Region owners will have their own web control panel, that will give them greater control to restart their regions.  Make OAR backups to download to their home computer, up / download terrains, see IP address logs of visitors (in case you have trouble)
  • I added greater security this week.   Regions must be pre-registered.   So this will make it possible for people to host their own regions on their home computer, or a cloud server of their own.    It will work by reserving a safe place on the map, and a UUID# for the region.   If that sounds technical.  "You need to say please first."    But this will allow us to let more people on the grid and have greater freedom to run their own regions, and I do not need to bug them about scripts and things.  It is very good.  :)
  • The Evil Penguin - A lounge for geeks, in Luv Plaza.   It is the big, blue Tiki house.   We will will be hosting gatherings there, as well as classes, question and answer sessions.    The lounge will have live screens with terminals to log into the servers, so people can learn how things work, and we can help with computer or server issues one-on-one, in a relaxed environment.

I know I am forgetting things..  but it has been a busy and productive week.   Thank you my friends for helping build a beautiful, new world. :)

News and Announcements / New forums for HgLuv residents and friends!
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:54:14 PM »
Welcome to the new forums!    This will be a great place to post ideas, support issues, ask questions and just have fun!

HgLuv Residents If you would like your forum account to be associated with your grid account, be sure to use the same username and email address when signing up.      Later on I will add a lot of nice features to connect your forum account to your inworld avatar, as well as include the forum password when you do a password reset on the HGluv website (so you do not need to remember more than one).

Script Library / The HgLuv Networked Jukebox
« on: November 27, 2017, 02:17:04 PM »
This is the script from the jukebox you see in various parts of the grid.    It is networked, and will run on any grid (even SL!)  and allows you to share and add parcel music streams with a group.

It is set to LuvRadio by default, but you can create your own groups and lists, just by changing the jukebox name :)

The web part of the jukebox server currently works by spitting out a random stream that matches a keyword or genre.. 
so if you type  /66 disco       and there are a dozen stations labeled keyword "disco" , it will choose one randomly and start playing.
When adding a stream to the list, you can specify as many keywords as you want, to help narrow down the search..  such as...

/66 add   disco pop michael jackson awesome

..  and it will add those keywords.  So a person who types    /66 jackson      will get a michael jackson station.

The code is posted below.  You can cut and paste it into any object..  a jukebox of your choice.. old radio, a lamp, a plant..  what have you.     

Let's add some new streams!  Unless you really like Michael Jackson 24/7.   haha

Code: [Select]
[// LuvBox - Networked jukebox written by Hyacinth Jewell @ HGluv Grid.(aka Hyacinth Landry in meatspace)
// Free to use, mess around with, and access with our public server at  (until someone messes it up!  lol)
// This script acts as a kind of "dumb terminal" so the actual search, stream list management
// etc..  is very flexible, and done by your web server.   So you can use any scheme you can dream up.   All this script does is enforce the
// everyone/group/owner restrictions, and sends the commands along to the server.    The server simply spits out text...
// if it begins with "http://" , it plays a music stream.   Anything else, it just displays the output in chat.
// No warrantees.   This is provided as-is.   Security of your web server is your responsibility.
// If your landlord is paranoid and does not allow the required script commands: llHTTPRequest (with response data),  llSetPrimitiveParams..
// It is not our fault.   Get a new landlord, or better yet, come to HGluv grid and someone will help you set up your own rig. :)
// Example PHP script and updates can be found at

string jukeboxurl="";   // change if you host your own
string mkey = "c4762d4f-f770-48d5-a85c-f8baa20d2943";    //  IMPORTANT: Only change if you host your own jukebox server and wish to restrict access.
//                                                     //   If you change this, management will stop working on the HGluv public jukebox server
string jukeboxname = "jukebox";                         //  You can change this through the menu.  "jukebox" is the default / shared one
string access = "everyone";                             // everyone. group, owner    -  Who can switch the stream
string accessManage = "owner";                          // owner, group, everyone   -  Who can add/delete streams
integer chan=66;                                        // chat channel jukebox listens on.  Type  /66 help ...  etc..
string lock = "";                                       // lock="locked"; for lock.    blank for unlocked.   If locked only owner can use.

//   Non-user servicible parts below..
string streamurl="";
key http_request_id;
string lasturl="";

    list tmp = llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_DESC]);
    list tmp2 = llParseString2List(llList2String(tmp,0),"|","|");
    if (access == "") access="everyone";
    if (accessManage == "") accessManage="owner";
    if (jukeboxname == "") { jukeboxname="jukebox"; }

    llSetText("LuvBox - networked jukebox!\rtype /"+ (string)chan + " for help .. or type /" + (string)chan + " keyword",<.3,1,.33>,1);

    llHTTPRequest(lasturl, [HTTP_METHOD,"GET",HTTP_MIMETYPE,"text/html"], "");

    llSay(0,"LuvBox started!   Listening on channel "+chan);
    llSay(0,"Switch stream access: "+access);
    llSay(0,"Set stream access: "+accessManage);
    llSay(0,"Jukebox name: "+jukeboxname);
    llSay(0,"Type /"+(string)chan+" help for commands.");

listen (integer chan, string name, key id, string msg){

    list parts=llParseString2List(msg," "," ");
    string cmd=llList2String(parts,0);
    string args1=llList2String(parts,1);

    if (id != llGetOwner()) {
        if (lock=="locked") {  llSay(0,"Jukebox is locked by owner.");  msg=""; }

        if (access == "owner" && id != llGetOwner()) {
            llSay(0, "Access is set to owner-only");

        if (access == "group" && !llDetectedGroup(0)) {
            llSay(0, "Access is set to group-only");

    if (cmd == "reset" && id == llGetOwner()) { llSay(0,"Jukebox reset.");  llResetScript(); }
    if (cmd == "lock" && id == llGetOwner()) { llSay(0,"Jukebox is locked.");  lock="locked";  msg=""; }
    if (cmd == "unlock" && id == llGetOwner()) { llSay(0,"Jukebox is unlocked for access by" + access);  lock="";  msg=""; }

    if (cmd == "access" && id == llGetOwner()) {
          if (args1 == "group") { access="group"; }
          if (args1 == "owner") { access="owner"; }
          llSay(0, "Access set to "+access);
          llSay(0, "If you get a script error, you will need to manually set the object Description field to \""+jukeboxname+"|"+access+"|"+accessManage+"\" to save the settings permenantly.");
            string params=jukeboxname+"|"+access+"|"+accessManage;

    if (cmd == "manage" && id == llGetOwner()) {
          if (args1 == "group") { accessManage="group"; }
          if (args1 == "everyone") { accessManage="everyone"; }
          llSay(0, "Management set to "+accessManage);
          llSay(0, "If you get a script error, you will need to manually set the object Description field to \""+jukeboxname+"|"+access+"|"+accessManage+"\" to save the settings permenantly.");
            string params=jukeboxname+"|"+access+"|"+accessManage;


    if (cmd == "jukeboxname" && id == llGetOwner()) {
          if (args1 != "") { jukeboxname=args1; }
          llSay(0, "Jukeboxname set to "+jukeboxname);
          llSay(0, "If you get a script error, you will need to manually set the object Description field to \""+jukeboxname+"|"+access+"|"+accessManage+"\" to save the settings permenantly.");
            string params=jukeboxname+"|"+access+"|"+accessManage;


    if (cmd =="del" && id==llGetOwner()) {


    llHTTPRequest(lasturl, [HTTP_METHOD,"GET",HTTP_MIMETYPE,"text/html"], "");

    if (cmd =="add") {
        integer ok=0;
        if (id==llGetOwner()) ok=1;
        if (accessManage == "group" && llDetectedGroup(0)) ok=1;
        if (ok != 0) {


            llHTTPRequest(lasturl, [HTTP_METHOD,"GET",HTTP_MIMETYPE,"text/html"], "");
            } else { llSay(0,"Owner or group only."); msg=""; }

    if (msg !="") {
    llHTTPRequest(lasturl, [HTTP_METHOD,"GET",HTTP_MIMETYPE,"text/html"], "");


http_response(key request_id, integer status, list metadata, string body)
        string first7=llToLower(llGetSubString(body,0,6));

        if (first7 == "http://") {
            llSay(0,"Music stream set to: "+body);
            else {  llSay(0,body); }

OpenSim Development / Welcome! Form guidelines.
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:01:16 AM »
This grid, and this project was born out of a certain bit of frustration.    I would really like to keep things upbeat and positive in these forums.   I know it is difficult when you get a bunch of programmers together.

Please, let's refrain from blaming shortcomings on others, grid-bashing, name calling, lynching, tar and feathering..  etc.
I'd really like to see this grid, these forums be a really positive thing for everyone, even if we agree to differ and go our own ways.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from people. :)

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