Author Topic: $300 Gloebits and Land for new residents!  (Read 111 times)

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$300 Gloebits and Land for new residents!
« on: April 28, 2018, 04:57:01 am »
Thanks to a generous donor, we now have funding to help new residents get off to a good start in our community.

We are building a gorgeous region "Grace" that is a huge, 6x6 var region..  It has beautiful coastlines, drivable roads and LOTS of land parcels for residents!     It has a village / mainland-like feel to it.     

Parcel prices for a 4096m parcel, 700 prims is  $200 gloebit.     This is not rent.  It is a one-time purchase / donation to help us to provide more land and resources, and invite great new residents to our community.     There is no monthly fee or rent, it is yours for the lifetime of the region.   *(see below)

See Hyacinth for details: We are also giving away $300 gloebit to new signups.  Why are we doing this?     Because we really need to get a nice, affordable economy happening.    Gloebit is great because it works on all grids, and is a very small-scale currency.   No one is getting rich.  It just makes it convenient to buy legitimate items, and support content creators for their work.

Convincing people to sign up for a currency is difficult.  People are wary, skeptical.   This makes it easy to take that leap.   Gloebit is free to sign up.   And when you do, we will give you $300.   $200 to buy a home parcel, and $100 to go shopping, tip your party DJ, what ever! :)     Once people use it they will see it's not so scary.    And at no risk.     

How it helps us, is that in signing up for a linked currency, it provides extra security and stability because people have an extra level of verification.   Griefers and thieves are less likely to go through the trouble, or risk of identification.

So this is our new program.   I think it may work out well.   We have funds to support this program and give it a try.

Contact Hyacinth Jewell or Hicks Adder (best for French) for details!   :)

* Land is owned in perpetuity, or as long as the region remains active.    The land is rated M, and subject to very relaxed, reasonable community guidelines, to ensure the enjoyment of all.   If they are not followed, it is possible to lose ownership of the land.   See land covenant for details.

Hyacinth's "Luv Shaque" on the Grace region. :)
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