HgLuv has a lot of unique features!

Our grid is connected to the Friendica / Disaspora social media network with over 2 million registered users! Residents can share pictures from inworld, directly to the web by dropping pictures in their /Friendica/Photo Library/ inventory folder!
This is a great way to promote our grid to LOTS of interested people, who are new to OpenSim. :)

HooTube :)
HgLuv has it's own, open source YouTube! Share and view videos!

Hypergrid search engine with 1000+ destinations, 50,000+ searchable items in shops, etc. Music stream library, and more!

Inworld Translator
No translator HUD's needed! HgLuv has it built directly into chat!

Avatar Bakes to Mesh
Our residents have the ability to clone their old style, system avatar onto the Ruth and Roth 2.0 Mesh avatar. So no hunting for clothes, you can keep your favorite skins and outfits!