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Title: LuvTree! Make free, nice looking trees for use in OpenSim!
Post by: hy on December 28, 2017, 09:04:27 am
LuvTree is a version of the free / opensource "SnappyTree" that I am working on to make it friendlier for use with OpenSim.

You can make a nice looking mesh tree in a few minutes and upload it to HGluv or other mesh-upload enabled OpenSim world.   They are really easy to customize, and are completely free and clear with commons!      We can replace many of the trees that we have, from questionable sources.     Please use and share your nice work.    Keep OpenSim free and beautiful! :)


(http://thumb.ibb.co/cTVeMb/Luv_Tree_Sparkle_001.jpg) (http://ibb.co/cTVeMb)(http://thumb.ibb.co/kAzTEw/Luv_Trees_003.jpg) (http://ibb.co/kAzTEw)