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I really want to thank people for helping out this month.   It has really been a huge boost, not just for morale, but for the future of the grid!

Just so you know where the money is going...    The server bills are paid well ahead now on the large server.    And also, it financed keeping our smaller cloud server going, which we are using for development (keeps me from borking the main grid too much), as well as an awesome backup system.   The entire grid is backed-up / mirrored every day.  Goddess forbid, anything happens to the main server..  hardware failure or outage.   We can switch most of the grid over to the cloud server quickly, and really not miss a beat.   So it is a really good resource that I am glad we can keep going.

We also received a VERY generous donation in the form of Gloebit currency.    That is being held in reserve as a fund to get new residents started with a small stipend with which they can purchase land, go shopping, what have you.     I think it will really help us to build a vibrant little economy on our grid, and just get people participating in it that would normally be kind of wary of signing up and spending that first few RL dollars.  So I think it is a good use for it, that will come back to us in good ways.

umm..   and I bought a big can of coffee and a gallon of milk.    My salary for the month.   ;)

Thank you everyone, for your support.   The grid is almost a year old, and it's been a GREAT year!     The next will be even better!
I have been trying to debug this for over a month!   Thank you everyone for being patient!   I know it was an extremely aggravating bug! 

If you would like to know the technical details.    I can not blame the OpenSim developers for this one (completely).     They added a needed feature that I was not aware of, that keeps you from being logged in as a zombie on another region, if you crash, or your previous logout somehow goes awry.      That is a good thing.     My fault in the matter, was that I live dangerously, and had some inadvisable settings, to let people be idle longer, without being logged out.         It worked fine previously, but does not mix well with the newer OpenSim code.    So..  pretty much 99% my bad.    Sorry peeps.  You're walkin on the wild side here.  ;)
News and Announcements / THE PROFILES ARE FIXED! IN HG TOO!!
« Last post by hy on April 28, 2018, 04:38:54 am »
It has been over a month.   We merged our OpenSim code with the most recent and there were a LOT of bugs to fix.

Thank you for your patience while we worked them out!    We've made some real progress.  The next on the list is HG Groups.   The group invites have never worked for HG visitors.   That will be fixed next.  :)
News and Announcements / THE FORUMS ARE BACK UP!! WOOHOO!!
« Last post by hy on April 26, 2018, 01:06:57 am »
We were besieged by spammers.    I made it so you have to visit HGluv inworld first, either as a resident or HG visitor.    As long as you are known to the grid, you can get in.

No more viagra or fake passport ads!    umm..  unless an esteemed resident wants to sell them, that's fine.   lol

The added benefit.   If one of the know-it-all developers or grid admins wants to shoot their moths off on the forum, they have to come dance with me at Luv Plaza first, and loosen them up a bit!  :)
News and Announcements / New Sandbox Regions!
« Last post by hy on February 08, 2018, 11:36:54 am »
I made some higher quality sandboxes on the three big servers.    They are named Litterbox, Litterbox 2, and Litterbox 3.     They are running different physics engines for testing mesh uploads and vehicles and such.

Litterbox:     ubODE physics and meshing
Litterbox 2:  ubODE physics / Bulletsim meshing combo
Litterbox 3:  Bulletsim physics and meshing

All three come with a little tower / lounge set up in the corner so you can watch, micromanage and heckle your friends as the build.

Enjoy! :)
News and Announcements / Great news! Mesh is fixed on most of the regions!
« Last post by hy on February 08, 2018, 11:22:49 am »
We are still testing, but it looks really good so far!

I have to give credit where credit is due.    Part of the fix is due to new physics code from OSgrid and the OpenSim Dev team.   Excellent work Ubit and the Dev team!  Thank you!    We were also able to successfully merge a friend's code (who sadly, prefers to remain anonymous), that greatly improves avatar loading.    So we now have a very unique and powerful version of OpenSim!  :)

If your region is still experiencing missing mesh objects, please contact me and I will switch your region over to the new code ASAP.  I am just being slightly cautions and haven't switched the whole grid over yet.
News and Announcements / New Firestorm - Mesh not loading!
« Last post by hy on February 02, 2018, 06:18:05 pm »
Affects Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) rel: Jan 12 2018

Firestorm screwed OpenSim again.    Take a look around.  You will probably see a bunch of naked avatars (well no complaints there), missing trees, buildings.

How to fix:

Hit:  CONTROL-ALT-SHIFT S     to open debug settings.

in the search box start typing...     FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck
Set to false!

That's it.   The missing mesh should appear in a moment.

Please take the time to express your appreciation to the Firestorm Team.  :/
Good, legal content / AVPainter ...SL clothing tool for windows is now FREE
« Last post by Han Held on January 11, 2018, 06:33:23 pm »
I just heard about this on G+ and it's installing.
It looks like it only makes old-school system clothing; but still...

It's free, it's legit and it might help someone out (I plan on kicking the tires and taking it out for a spin).
Good, legal content / Avastar's newest model...
« Last post by Han Held on January 02, 2018, 12:20:12 am »
This is an interesting development. The folks behind Avastar have introduced a new, limited avatar to use as a base for creation.

You can read about it here:

Notably, you can (re)use it for commercial endeavors.

Potentially, it could take some of the wind out of Ruth 2.0's sails; but I doubt it will.
Ruth 2.0 is at the point where it's pretty well usable as a drop-in replacement for Athena (it's primary competitor). Once the applier and UI issues are smoothed out, it will work as a complete replacement.

Whereas the Avastar model doesn't have the huds or anything in place for it, and also uses the "Starlight" skin (which is even older than the eloh skins if I remember correctly). Also, unlike Ruth it doesn't seem to be designed to be used inworld (but in blender).
News and Announcements / New forums to discuss Intellectual Property issues
« Last post by hy on December 28, 2017, 10:00:42 am »
I have added some new forums "Get Right with Cthulu"   Cthulu is a fictional evil god that is a destroyer of worlds.   He is coming.

In case you are not aware.   LOTS of places are being shut down because of copyright violations, largely targeting the "Athena" mesh avatars that are vastly popular, and are ripped illegally from Secondlife.     I will refrain from telling you "I told you so". 

These closed websites and grids are causing huge problems on our grid, because when OpenSim goes to lookup the creatorID information, OpenSim locks up and causes regions to be overwhelmed and crash.  I strongly suspect that this is happening everywhere, not just here.     I am handling the problem in a very temporary way, but a long term solution is needed.     If the other grids are being shut down for this, we are not far behind.     The people responsible will come after us eventually, so it is best to be prepared.   It is horrifying to me that after all this hard work, we could be shut down some day if we are not careful.

I put up these forums to discuss, and help clarify what content is safe and good, and which may cause us big problems in the future.

You are all my friends, and my family.   I do NOT want to be a meanie, and take away your toys.      I am willing to work VERY HARD to help you keep your stuff, and be safe and happy here.       We will work to find what is good and safe to use.    Research which copyright claims are VALID, and which are not.    AND...  if we do find items that you really like, but are not legal or safe to use.   We will take time to help find, or build from scratch, a suitable or BETTER replacement.       It is a lot of work, and is a pain.    BUT in the long run, we will be a stonger, PROUDER grid that can stand tall on our own, and no one can call us thieves!

So in the coming months.   I am hoping we can work together to make this a strong grid, be around for a long time, and a real asset to the OpenSim community.
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