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« on: November 29, 2017, 08:05:44 am »
I've been REALLLY busy this week.   Here are some of the new features that have been added, or are 90% done.
  • The FORUM..  (duh!)
  • We now have two Resident groups "LuvBugs" and "HGluv Events" that every resident is a member of.   I am so happy people are already meeting and talking on them!  :)   It is a great way to get to know people, to ask questions, and to speak up if you are having problems...  it is not a pain, it is very helpful.  So please complain loudly! Things will get fixed more quickly :)
  • New "Town Hall" in Luv Plaza - A little lounge for residents to meet, and I am putting scripts there for residents to use, such as event posting tool, a dropbox / web gallery generator, our networked jukebox, lag/CPU meters for your regions, and more coming!
  • I have built a translator directly into the OpenSim source code, so no more scripts or HUD is needed.   It will translate directly to and from chat.  It will handle IM as well.   It is currently being tested on one region, and will be available on the whole grid soon.
  • A password reset tool on is now our website.
  • The new user signup is functioning well, and HGluv is now a grid open to new users.  No referral code necessary.

Coming soon / this week:
  • Offline messages will be available from the website, so you can browse through them like an email box.
  • Region owners will have their own web control panel, that will give them greater control to restart their regions.  Make OAR backups to download to their home computer, up / download terrains, see IP address logs of visitors (in case you have trouble)
  • I added greater security this week.   Regions must be pre-registered.   So this will make it possible for people to host their own regions on their home computer, or a cloud server of their own.    It will work by reserving a safe place on the map, and a UUID# for the region.   If that sounds technical.  "You need to say please first."    But this will allow us to let more people on the grid and have greater freedom to run their own regions, and I do not need to bug them about scripts and things.  It is very good.  :)
  • The Evil Penguin - A lounge for geeks, in Luv Plaza.   It is the big, blue Tiki house.   We will will be hosting gatherings there, as well as classes, question and answer sessions.    The lounge will have live screens with terminals to log into the servers, so people can learn how things work, and we can help with computer or server issues one-on-one, in a relaxed environment.

I know I am forgetting things..  but it has been a busy and productive week.   Thank you my friends for helping build a beautiful, new world. :)