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I really want to thank people for helping out this month.   It has really been a huge boost, not just for morale, but for the future of the grid!

Just so you know where the money is going...    The server bills are paid well ahead now on the large server.    And also, it financed keeping our smaller cloud server going, which we are using for development (keeps me from borking the main grid too much), as well as an awesome backup system.   The entire grid is backed-up / mirrored every day.  Goddess forbid, anything happens to the main server..  hardware failure or outage.   We can switch most of the grid over to the cloud server quickly, and really not miss a beat.   So it is a really good resource that I am glad we can keep going.

We also received a VERY generous donation in the form of Gloebit currency.    That is being held in reserve as a fund to get new residents started with a small stipend with which they can purchase land, go shopping, what have you.     I think it will really help us to build a vibrant little economy on our grid, and just get people participating in it that would normally be kind of wary of signing up and spending that first few RL dollars.  So I think it is a good use for it, that will come back to us in good ways.

umm..   and I bought a big can of coffee and a gallon of milk.    My salary for the month.   ;)

Thank you everyone, for your support.   The grid is almost a year old, and it's been a GREAT year!     The next will be even better!
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