Random, cool places to visit, built by our creative residents!

The Waffle House at the end of the Universe [PG]

A more stark and lonely place you will never find.

Dojo Zen SOTO [PG]

Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds 2015 [PG]

A really nice mall area! Looking for someone to adopt!

Adopt me!
Heavy Industries Shop at the Mall at HGLuv! [Mature]

Mesh Avatar RuthTooRC3 and mesh cartoon avatars are here. Mesh Avatar RothTooRC1 and clothes next door.

Litterbox 2 - Public sandbox UBODE physics [PG]

Feel free to use. 24 hour return

~*~KissKiss~*~ [PG]

Welcome to HGLuv a piece of Paradise

Damn Skippy! Nice and zippy! [Adult]

High performance, low lag club. A place for friends to throw parties and events. Running on a 10 core VPS.

UniBoMer Plaza [PG]

Testing area for our new BoM capabilities! Get BoMed with us! :)

On the way to Eelaadwis ... [PG]

Stranded the shipwrecked stumble ashore, not knowing where they've come, surrounded by a mindful mist or is it their foggy minds playing tricks. A voice is calling them, up come here this way to the good land you may find, if you can lift your foggy spell

Geisha Funland [Adult]

Japanese Style sim. Dance, party and beach. Adult oriented.

Script Library from Outworldz [PG]

Free scripts for all! Thanks to all the generous people who donated their scripts for this library to share for us all.

Deesworld Club [Adult]

24-7 Dance yourself silly :-)The nice club in HGluv--- all welcome

under construction [PG]

parcour initiatique au boudhisme

The Mono-stery [Mature]

A much needed, chill place for coders to hang out. Many come here seeking answers. Occasionally they get a correct answer.

Luv Plaza! - HGluv Welcome Area [Mature]

New resident info - LuvMyBod , Ruth and Roth avatars - Hicks' Creations and more!


ASNAZZY V HEADQUARTERS AND OFFICE WELCOME! Asnazzy V is the 1st Avatar Recording Company with live Artists represented by Avatars. This is RL work. All Music is original music and performance by the Artists!

Garden Center [PG]

Linda Kellie's Garden Center.. plus a whole lot of new stuff! Plants, trees, flowers, waterfalls, tree houses! all kinda things for a nice garden and still adding new stuff *guide*

Tims Land [PG]

Welcome to the neighborhood! :)

Oneiros: Once Upon a Time.... [Adult]

When you enter Oneiros, you become a character in a book. As you follow the path through the region, you'll encounter other book characters and learn their story. An immersive mystery for you to enjoy. Please join the group for future events.

Spithead Redoubt [PG]

24 hr Rave, Techno, Psy-Trance, Bike tracks, Bunkers, Fun! Turn the volume to 11 before getting here :)

Why is my parcel not in the guide?
Make sure it is set "Show in Search " ☙ You have a full-perm parcel image set. ☙ It must have a good description.

*BUG* If your parcel image is a Snapshot from your photo album.
DOUBLE CLICK it to open the image. This saves it to the asset server.