Random, cool places to visit, built by our creative residents!

Garden Center [PG]

Linda Kellie's Garden Center.. plus a whole lot of new stuff! Plants, trees, flowers, waterfalls, tree houses! all kinda things for a nice garden and still adding new stuff *guide*

On the way to Eelaadwis ... [Mature]

Stranded the shipwrecked stumble ashore, not knowing where they've come, surrounded by a mindful mist or is it their foggy minds playing tricks. A voice is calling them, up come here this way to the good land you may find, if you can lift your foggy spell

Watermans Wharf [PG]

This is a place for those that want to drive boats and other water craft for fun. A place to socialize with like minded people and relax. Blessings to all.

Tims Land [PG]

Welcome to the neighborhood! :)

Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds 2015 [PG]

A really nice mall area! Looking for someone to adopt!

Adopt me!
~*~KissKiss~*~ [PG]

Welcome to HGLuv a piece of Paradise

Why is my parcel not in the guide?
Make sure it is set "Show in Search " ☙ You have a full-perm parcel image set. ☙ It must have a good description.

*BUG* If your parcel image is a Snapshot from your photo album.
DOUBLE CLICK it to open the image. This saves it to the asset server.