Random, cool places to visit, built by our creative residents!

Hyacinth's Luv Shaque [PG]

A nice place to chill in a sober environment, and just share the luv :) /*Windlight Sky: "[TOR] NIGHT - Wuxia" RegionOverride*/

Darkstar Venus 2 Estates [Mature]

Visit the tropical fish above ground and under . Relax and take in the therapeutic views . Visit the alligators and take a freebie or two from the free to copy section . But most of all enjoy your visit and be sure to landmark as theres plenty more fis

Heavy Industries Shop at the Mall at HGLuv! [Mature]

Mesh Avatar RothTooRC1 and clothes is here. Mesh Avarar RuthTooRC3 and mesh cartoon avatars next door.

Spithead Redoubt [PG]

24 hr Rave, Techno, Psy-Trance, Bike tracks, Bunkers, Fun! Turn the volume to 11 before getting here :)

plume residentiel [PG]

Dream dream dream................. *guide*

Shambala [Mature]

The street Party with a twist! Come on down to dance a bit to a Rock and Roll atmosphere or just kick back and listen!

Why is my parcel not in the guide?
Make sure it is set "Show in Search " ☙ You have a full-perm parcel image set. ☙ It must have a good description.

*BUG* If your parcel image is a Snapshot from your photo album.
DOUBLE CLICK it to open the image. This saves it to the asset server.