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✿ We are not seeking to be the most popular ✿ The place with the biggest parties ✿ A copybot shopping mecca ✿ Just a nice place to live, share and create ✿

Upcoming events at HGluv:
Tuesday 24-December 09:00PM ☙ Orphan Holiday Party at Luv Beach!
Friendship and dancing for those of us not participating for whatever reason. Just hang out, dance, chat. You are not alone! And there won't be a xmas tree or flake of snow in sight!

Location: ☙ Luv Plaza! - HGluv Welcome Area ☙ Luv Plaza ☙ grid.hgluv.com:8302:Luv Plaza

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Han Held   Neuanzere Update 26 Nov 2019   11-26-2019
I have had a huge breakthrough! In response to drama on Facebook, I have decided to claim the "opensim creations" mantle and opened dedicated groups on Facebook, Mewe and Opensimworld. OSC held regular challenges and so I will to, from Dec 1 to Jan 11th... [more]

Safar Fiertze   Disco Diva   11-26-2019
As we're coming into holiday season (and I know you're all going to be hosting parties, yup yup!!) - and also as I'm avoiding writing - I bring you Disco Diva - a range of particle effects and lights (will be added to from time to time, so check back). P... [more]

Hyacinth Jewell   HG Destinations!   11-23-2019
We added a new feature to out Destination guide! We now have a Hypergrid page! This is generated daily from landmarks. To add a new item, just visit your favorite places and make a Landmark! To get to our Destination guide, Click World -->... [more]

Safar Fiertze   Competition winners   11-4-2019
Check out the new mirrored rooms over at Oneiros. You'll find them by taking a tp from the welcome area to Riversea. They're a bit disorientating, so if you can't move, you've bumped into a wall and you should eventually find your way out. One is easie... [more]

Safar Fiertze   Trick or Treat?!   10-28-2019
Just a quick reminder - don't forget a once in a lifetime chance to win some scraggy butterfly wings and demon tail with 500 beautiful coins of luv. I need a name for my red demonic assistant to a demon queen. As it happens, there may be two lucky winn... [more]