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Real Life Hyacinth

I am pretty upfront if asked, about who I am in RL. Not passing any judgment. If you want to be anonymous that's all good. I prefer not to be.

As with most people, my avatar reflects aspects of my personality, not the physical, aging train-wreck that we are in RL. My avatar is a combination of some of my RL features, and those of some people that I love, and I feel are part of me. So my avatar is a combo of maybe the best parts of me, and those I love, and we all got together and had an avatar baby! hehe

In RL, I am 49 years old. I live near Boston. ..sort of common-law married (I think) to a wonderful woman who dresses like a pirate and sings at renaissance faires... She puts up with my shenanigans and grouchiness.

I am transgender, though at this point, I have been Hyacinth for so many years I don't even think about it much. I am just Hyacinth. You will likely never get into my avatar's pants anyway, so it should not be an issue. Just take me at face value and enjoy the view, like you do with everyone else. lol

The pictures above were definitely on one of my foxier days.. But they do have some basis in reality. :)

Professional Info - hahaha

I am a Linux Server Administrator with almost 20 years of experience.

My fields of expertise, that I feel very confident putting forward, and offing as services:

Server setup. I can deploy any Linux cloud or dedicated server, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, with all the nice bells and whistles, and give you reasonable recommendations for what service providers will best suit your needs.

PHP and Dotnet development and custom apps. I am VERY good at creating custom apps, and integrating various technologies into a nice, workable web format.

General Linux server administration, monitoring and maintenance.

☠ What I don't do. ☠

Web design - I suck at it, and you will wind up with a weird user interface that looks like it fell off a spaceship, and no one can figure out. So unless you hate people, don't hire me.

Windows servers. Sorry, no. I don't want to work for you.

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