A New World in 2020!

We are working on a new 3D platform. It runs on just about any PC or tablet with 3D graphics, and has AMAZING new capabilities!

Here are some demos to see what it is capable of.
Some of these may take a few moments to load. Please be patient.
Most have mouse interaction, so feel free to play. :)

Epic Citidel - OpenSim OAR loaded perfectly!
Cloth / Flexi-Prims
Very cute scene (takes a while to load)
3D Painting (click the face!)
Expanded Prim Selection
Better Prim Twisting
3D Text
Mesh avatars
Object Kinematics
Real reflective surfaces!
Video and Media
Mighty Morphin Power Prims
Amazing Particle Effects
Oh.. the ocean! :)
Ocean / water currents