I beleive that Firestorm viewer is having issues. It started happening last night on another grid that I do work for. Firestorm (any version) will crash immediately upon login, or just hang.. I was able to log in with Singularity viewer fine.
NOW THE SAME IS HAPPENING HERE! ARGGH! ... I beleive it is related to Viviox Voice being down.
In the mean time, I suggest downloading Singularity viewer. It may be a while before we can get this issue resolved.
Link to download page:

Cool place of the week

Thank you!

I wish to thank everyone who donated and helped out with our server bill this month. It is difficult to express how thankful I am to have this grid, and this family. <3

New social media site coming soon!

Freindica is an open source, social media network that has grown to 3 MILLION registered users!

We are creating a website open to all in the OpenSim community. It will incorporate our YouTube-like video sharing, and Hypergrid search. As well as helpful forums and resources.

It also has an EASY in-world HUD that allows you to drag and drop pictures and landmarks to share to the web, and works anywhere on the Hypergrid! :)

The website will be open to all by the end of December. But if you would like to be an early-bird and help us test and develop, we would LOVE to have you aboard! Please send Hyacinth Jewell a message for details!

This will be a very popular, and powerful website for the OpenSim community. It will help us fill the void left by Google+ closing... and has the potential to bring us LOTS of new residents and people who are new to OpenSim! :)