a free, open source, Second Life compatible viewer. This enables you to connect to our 3D world, and start having fun! :)
Safe download for Windows, Linux and Mac. No spyware/malware.

Login instructions for Firestorm Viewer:

  • Open Firestorm, but do NOT log into any grids.
  • At the top/left of the window select [viewer], then [preferences]
  • Select the tab [OpenSim]
  • In the field, [Add new grid] type the following URL: hgluv.com:8302
  • Click
    next to the url you typed. Firestorm will fill in the rest! :)
  • Click
    at the BOTTOM of the menu.
    ......and you are ready to rock-n-roll! Welcome to HGLuv Grid!! :)

Tips on where to get started:
When you first arrive, you will be at Luv Plaza and there are some great newbie starter avatars and clothing there.

Our grid has a lot of great stuff! You can use the [Search] button in the viewer. If you can't find what you're looking for.. type gibberish as a search term (@Q%$%! or such..) and it will show all the locations. :)

We also have a GREAT destination guide to find places to shop and explore!
In Firestorm it is a little map-pin icon in the center-left of your screen, or World-->Destinations will get you there as well.